This page is like a journal timeline of Sabrina's life. I liked mine, so I needed to do one for her as well.
Sabrina Born
Train out to Worldcon in California
First Hugo Party

Went to Disneyworld - March
Sabrina's first steps July 27
Childtime Daycare - oct

Disney trip
Sheeva to Jeanies
Grandma Harlan passed away

Cozumel Mexico
Stay at Aunt Sandy's while parents in Austriala

No Y2K, we knew it!
Disneyworld trip - Wildness Resort
Elvis Photo Safari
Rajah & Dutchess
Cedar Point
Harlan Pre-School

Dutchess is a boy!
Skunk kittens!
Trip to Isle Royal with the family
Kindergarden this year.
World Trade Center's destruction 9/11
Mud day

Philadelphia for Anthrocon and tourist stuff
First lost tooth
San Deigo Zoo

The blackout in august
Grandpa's 70th birthday party

Disneyworld trip
short, short haircut
Baby mice
dance recital
Traverse City Beach, Bonfire and boat

Pioneer day
Honnor's Choir
Concert at Fisher Theater
Cedar Point
Dog Agility Show
Crocheting Christmas Gifts

Honnor's Choir - winner
Daddy/Daughter trip to Cedar Point
Sisters trip to Cedar Point
Birthday party at Skate World
Harlan School demolition
Littlest Pet Shop collection
Crafts for class 5rd grade- skeleton soap, lollipop tree
Jammie Christmas

Return of Lemon
5th Grade Camp
Bedroom re-painted and re-done
Naiad Kitten from the Zoo
Class cruise
Sabrina and Dolly's Fursuite
Start Derby
Harlan School re-opens
Disneyworld Trip
School Dance
Made a New Year's Dress

Paper coil dragons for chinese class
California trip - Disneyland, Venice beach, Tar pits
Dinner out with Mariachi band
Chicago trip - many museaums and japanese mall
Cedar Point trip with cousins
Weird Al Concert
Hurt foot @ school dance
won best halloween costume for grade
Birthday party - movie & lunch
New chair for the livingroom
Zombie walk
another dance
Sleepover and then the RenFair
Sugar Gliders
New Years in TC

Saturn Video
Becomes a Teenager
Talula - house spider
Spagetti Tacos!
Morgan sleepover with Youmacon
Observatory in TC
Japanese Mall in Chicago
Cell Phone
Pumpkin angry mob
Needlepoint grandma pillow

Michele for weekend
New lap top
Joined a D&D club
Won goldfish at Birmingham Street Fair
Weird Al Concert
San Diego Comic Con
San Diego Wild Life Park
Dolly to Spa
Started High School
Ren Fair on International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Leeana's Tye Dye Party
Won School-wide art contest
Honorable mention state level

Michele for a weekend
San Diego Comic Con
Tidal pools in CA
Youma con with costume gang
week at Aunt Sandra's
Deviant and Tumbler art
Won Schoolwide art contest
Designed two window displays for store
School store job
working on a book

Started Driver's Licence
Cinamatic Titanic
Anime North - helping with Auction
Surprize 16th Birthday Party from friends
Homestuck Prom
Hurricane Sandy in Coneticut
Job at Nick's Pizza Place
Ruled the Graphic Novel's class at school
Weird Al Concert
Ren Faire
Cider Mill
SanDiego Comic Con
Manned the Motor City Comic Con Table for Mom

Ren Faire
Corn Maze
Homecoming dance - Justins
Homecoming Dance - Sabrinas
SanDiego ComicCon
Toronto Fan Expo
started Senior Year
made Sweater Coat
New Laptop
over 200 watchers on Deviant

Hawaii Trip! Big Island, Maui, Monokini, Oahu
Stop at Vegas
House carpeted and painted
Graduated from High School
Grandpa Hal died
Driver's Licence
On Today Show's SDCC coverage
Spark Car
Started College - CCS
Dino Show at silver dome
Rajah died

Weird Al Concert in Windsor
Working for the summer at the Zoo again
Animated Disco Bull
Finished Soul Eater fan comic

Became Chris Sander's official Cos-player
Georgia Aquarium and saw Whale Sharks
Glass blowing
Fluke Media and 'da boys'
all nighter for experimental animation class
Recieved a Whelan for Christmas

Smithsonian with Dad
Disney Trip
MerMay with Mom
Tigerdile Streams, 3!
Marvelous Marvin's Mechanical Museum
Baby Skunks in the yard
Rescued Zooba
Animation expo with Mom
Link at YoumaCon
Del Torro exhibit
Got Dandi statue for Chistmas

Wierd Al Concert in Ann Arbor
Table at MCCC
Pacific Ocean
Puppet Museum
Atlanta Aquarium
Star Wars Costune exhibit at DIA
Elton John Concert
Tigerdile Stream
Indy Cancer
Dad's Surprize Birthday party
Graduated from CCS
Formed a company - ABS
Got wacom cintiq for Chistmas

Mutton Chop Book
Giant Food Truck Rally in Detroit
Mothman museum
Got Apartment
Spikey into Comic Con
California Aquarium of the Pacific
Mutton Chop Animated Short
Art Streams
Coke Museum
Riverdude animation

Quarentine from Covid 19
Finished clearing out Condo
All the con's canceled
Lost Aunt Sue
Marvel exhibit at Ford Museum

Stayed home. Wore Mask!

House Hunting
Grandparent's Death
Wisdom teeth out
Bought a house!
Muppets at Ford Museum
Memorial for Grandparents
Tidepool Lounge youtube
Animation for Ad - webtoon crossover the cook off
Power Outage - discovered garage has no door
Garden Harvest! Massive!
Kitten's fixed
Kimono sale at GRCC

Disney trips
  • 96 - Disneyland / LA Worldcon
  • 97 - The whole Gang
  • 98 - To see the Tile - weekender
  • 00 - Disneyland after Confurence 11
  • 00 - Wilderness Resort
  • 04 - All Star Resorts, Fantasia
  • 07 - Campground with the Lambs
  • 07 - visit durring Mike + Dawn's wedding trip
  • 08 - Disneyland durring Thing
  • 10 - Disneyland after SDCC
  • 11 - Disney World with Kevin and Ursula
  • 17 - Disney World - with the Lambs and wheelchair
  • 21 - Food & Wine - new Ratatoie ride