the first pic was just the pose, then I added stripes (oh! a tiger). Colored in the stripes. It's striking as a white tiger, but I must go on. Orange is mostly brown for this tiger. Not sure why, but just adding on the hair makes it look so much better. The last elements finish it nices. These are just cell phone pics as I went along.

This sketch was started in my sketchbooks. I started with the lovely Coelacanth fish - which I adore (I once had a superhero named Coelacanth). Then, there was some refining steps, and a buncha sketches. Some of them had more normal wings - but that was more of an interpretation for my D&D game. I chose to play with the watercolors and interlace them with the colored pencil technique that I am so comfortable with. I loved the transparency of the watercolor, especially around the fins. I added some gorgeous orange to really punch the red tongue. Anyway it's love. Her name is Spice, and she's a sand worm and she will obviously live in my game.

Jandari movie
From sketch to finished colored picture. Yum! It takes less than a minute to watch.

Pretty Please Do Not Copy