I do take commissions. I love to draw people's characters. Most people have great visions and details of things that I never would have thought about. Interacting with imagination is always great!

8 1/2 by 11
These are marker or watercolor pictures.
They start at $200.
Great for easy framing, and fits into your page protector for reference with your gaming stats.
A digital file is included.

Secret hint
Joining up on my Patreon gets you this level of work - and it's less money. My hope is that you will stick around for an extra month or two
Also, I often have Streams where I do art as you watch. These pieces are often much more spontaneous and quick. You can ask to be put on the alert list, or watch my Twitter feed for notices. at twitter: d_h_stein

14 by 17
These are acrylic paintings, done on board.
They start at $400.
Frame size size will fit a 16 x 20 nicely, which you can find at any framing departments in craft stores.
A digital file is included.

The best thing about commissions is - It's all flexible! Feel free to talk about what you want and we can always work things out.
It's always best to get your name on the list as soon as you can. Sometimes, I am backed up, and it will take me a little while to get to work on your piece. The idea is to start a dialog about what you want and what I can do for you.

These are the facts to start building your visual cues. Just some suggestions so we can both start on the same page.

Character’s Name:
Build:(Slight, Dancer, Muscular, Normal, Curves)
Face Shape:(Square, Round, Triangular, High Cheeks)
Hair color:(Black, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Henna, Blonde, White Blonde, White, Grey, Red)
Hair texture: (Straight, Wavy, Curly, Tight Curls)
Hair length:(short, ear length, shoulder length, mid-back, wow)
Hair style: (loose, braids, ponytails; bangs, parted right, etc.)
Important Clothes: (Please note that items of clothing are the most changeable element of a picture... Upper Body, Lower Body, foot ware, Jewelry, etc)
Eye Color: (Blue, Green, Brown, Hazel, Grey, Brown Yellow)
Attitude: (Smiling, Seething, Moody, Sexy)

Furry facts (If applicable)
Animal Type:
Legs: (Digigrade, Humanistic, Centaur)

Notes: (anything else you need me to know)
I will need your name and mailing address

E-Mail me at