I do take commissions. I love to draw people's characters. Most people have great visions and details of things that I never would have thought about. Interacting with imagination is always great!

Colored pencil pictures, 8 1/2 by 11, start at $200.
Acrylic paintings, around 11x14, start at $300.

If you want a picture that is more rich and detailed, the price goes up. Got a specific sword, or pet? These are easy to add. I strive to add detail to make the price of the commission worth it.

You get the finished art. Feel free to put it up on a web page, or scan it for your own use (link or credit me). I will keep reproduction rights (which means I can make prints and sell them.
The best thing about commissions is - It's all flexible! Feel free to talk about what you want and we can always work things out.
It's always best to get your name on the list as soon as you can. Sometimes, I am backed up, and it will take me a little while to get to work on your piece. The idea is to start a dialog about what you want and what I can do for you.


Character’s Name:
Build:(Slight, Dancer, Muscular, Normal, Curves)
Face Shape:(Square, Round, Triangular, High Cheeks)
Hair color:(Black, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Henna, Blonde, White Blonde, White, Grey, Red)
Hair texture: (Straight, Wavy, Curly, Tight Curls)
Hair length:(short, ear length, shoulder length, mid-back, wow)
Hair style: (loose, braids, ponytails; bangs, parted right, etc.)
Important Clothes: (Please note that items of clothing are the most changeable element of a picture... Upper Body, Lower Body, foot ware, Jewelry, etc)
Eye Color: (Blue, Green, Brown, Hazel, Grey, Brown Yellow)
Attitude: (Smiling, Seething, Moody, Sexy)

Furry facts (If applicable)
Animal Type:
Legs: (Digigrade, Humanistic, Centaur)

Notes: (anything else you need me to know)

Please note that there are times I love to hear about people's characters - history and background can influence the way a picture comes out. HOWEVER, there are times too much information gets in the way! Too many times people become over-zealously attached and want to go on for pages and pages. This information rarely adds to the over-all picture.

E-Mail me at or write me or send checks

Diana Harlan Stein 3665 N. Adams Bloomfield Hills MI 48304