Diana Harlan Stein
Naiad Studios?
What the heck is a naiad?

It s a Greek water spirit. It s also an anagram of my name. Water, mythology and my name - perfect! Add the studio part for the artwork and it s perfect.

I was never a shy girl but I was never a popular girl either. I gathered together all the smart and oddball girls and made friends.

My life really exploded in college. I took Computer Programming okay, it was the 70s so much of the stuff I learned is no longer really used. Punch-cards were the thing. I draw dinosaurs on them now.

Found D&D during a fantasy class in college, there was an extra credit project that taught D&D. My volunteer hand never went up so fast! After class, I went on to the meet the fans at the Order of Leibowitz- the SF Club on campus. Started my game right away, and have been running it most every Sunday since (same game - just different players and characters).

With SF Fanzines and clubs, I sent in doodles and was encouraged to send more. Really?! Well, the size of my purse was now determined by sketchbook size.

My Dave found me there in the little campus office. I broke off my engagement for him.

I got better at art. Sketchbook after sketchbook helped. I found Robin Wood moved to my area and she said yes when I asked her to teach me.

After years of going to cons and selling art at the art shows I turned to my husband and asked if he thought I was good enough to make a go of being a professional artist. He said he loved me, he believed in me and he thought I could do it. I most certainly could. And Am.

Nominated for Best Fan art Hugo three years in a row 91,92 & 93
Card Games
Roleplaying supplements
books - covers and interiors
art collections
analog interior illo

Mostly found at conventions selling art and doing overnight commissions. I also admit to sketching a lot for my d&d game.
Online art stream, drawing requests
Patreon,commissions and the usual things an artist does to make a living.

There s always something going on with me!

E-Mail me at zintriny@gmail.com