repair rule

Gear Repair

Gear gets broken or worn over the time adventuring. It makes sense that if you do not keep it in repair, that it will weaken or break altogether during an adventure.

Repairs should take place

There should be no surprises - the GM should let players know when this needs to happen. However, it should also be in the players mind to do as well.

Repair costs are based mainly on the AC and the level of the Chr. This still assumes that other gear (swords, rings, backpacks, etc) are included. It is possible the GM might ask for repair of a specific item (swords struck in highly corrosive monsters, helmets with huge boulders dropped on them, etc.) - I don't think this will happen often.

Cost = [AC-9]*lvl * 5

So a first level mage in leather would be AC 12-9 is 3; times level 1 is still 3; times 5 is 15 gold.

First level cl in chain: AC 14-9 is 5: times level 1 is still 5; times 5 is 25 gold.

A 15th level fighter in Plate and Shield would be AC 17-9 is 8; times level 15 is 120; times 5 is 600 gold.

















There are mages with a mend spell. Mend spells are for small rips or single breaks - some repairs are past that (Chr death). Role Playing should be done at the very least to establish a relation ship with them. It's like knowing someone who will fix your computer - after too many people bug them...

Small game mechanics note - it would cost you less to repair all your gear before you level. But this doesn't mean get EP from adventure, repair and oh-look-I-leveled! What it should mean is I'll probably level this adventure, let me repair before we start.

Repairing your own gear! Okay, you are gonna haft to have a skill in something repair-ey. Cloth and Leather would need skills in tailoring. Chain and Plate would need forge skills. Are these apart of your character? Can your dwarf find a forge to use? Cost = [AC-9]*lvl * 2.

Repair of magic gear does not effect the enchantment. Well-made magic clings.

Failure to Repair

During the adventure - the GM is allowed to say 'opps, that orc just knocked your breast plate into pieces. You stand there nakkid!' Depending on the circumstances, your sword could fail first - but I think it'll usually be Armor, then lead on to other things. Armor, Shield, Sword, other things - unless it's a specific case (you walked across lava - there go your boots).

Failure of armor means total failure. It does not go down a point or two of AC. It means the whole rig falls apart (AC10). Shields are not counted as part of main armor (so they would start to go after the armor).

Magical gear that fails has a chance to go Boom (offensive has a 75% chance, defensive only 10%).