rune lord

Rune Lord (RARE)

Hit Dice: d4 (Mage Type)

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth and Shield – well actually a studded cloth. Mages may not have metal armor as it interferes with their mana absorption (no elves or Earthblood). RuneLords have to have areas of their bodies exposed so they can complete the runes.

Weapon Proficiencies - Staff

Mana - ½ Int score times level

Skills granted with class – ancient language. Should make sense with character design.

The rumor of RuneLords holds that they might sneeze and blow something up. That they may cross their eyes and some spell will go off uncontrolled. People don't like Runelords, they don't trust that something horrible will happen around them, they don't think they are in control of their magics. You certainly don't touch them!

It's a dead art - Those who knew the patterns and positions have died. For a while, the runic works were continued in repetitions that degraded or changed. So the tattoo’s patterns might not be correct and it would take you levels to find that you fail in some greater details (and thus not be able to throw some spell). Generally, people were kidnapped, tattooed and thus were forced into apprenticeship (not the best of learning environments).

Chr Stuff:

I can see that, in order to survive, you would be very body aware. You would have to be limber and dexterous.

I figure the RuneLords were more offensive mages, battle mages - so their spell list is rigged to that idea.

Level 1

Burning Hands (1) 1d4 fire dmg/lvl (max 5d4)

Cause Fear (1.5) One creature flees for 1d4 rnds

Chill Touch (1)1 touch/lvl deals 1d6 dmg

Comprehend Languages (1) understand all spoken & written lang

Detect Dragonblooded (1) within 60 ft [DMagic]

Detect Secret Doors (1) Reveals hidden doors withing 60 ft

Detect Undead (1.5) Reveals undead within 60 ft

Disguise Self (1) changes your appearance

Dragon Sleep (1) Light sleep for one night [SB]

Ebon Eyes (1) see through magical darkness [SC]

Endure Elements (1.5) Ignores 5 dmg/rnd from element

Expeditious Retreat (1) Doubles your speed

Feather Fall (1) Objects or creatures fall slowly

Firefly (1.5) Fist fireball, +1 missile lvls 4,7,10 [DF]

Jump (1) Subject gains +30 on jump checks

Luminous Gaze (1) eyes emit light, dazzle [SC]

Mage Armor (1.5) Give subject +4 armor bonus

Magic Missile (1) 1d4+1 dmg, +1 missile lvls 3,5,7,9

Magic Weapon (1.5) Weapon gains +1 bonus

Mudball (1.5) Fist sized ball of mud, +1 missile lvls 4,7,10 [DF/AU]

Obscuring Mist (1) Fog surrounds you

Shield (1.5) Disc covers, blocks magic missiles

Shocking Grasp (1) Touch delivers 1d8+1/lvl electricity

Sleep (1.5) Put 2d4 HD of creats into slumber

Spider Climb (1.5) Grants ability to walk on walls

True Strike (1.5) Adds +20 to your next attack

Ventriloquism (1) Throws voice for 1 min/lvl

Level 2

Acid Arrow(2.5)2d4 damage for 1 round + 1 round/three levels (2d4 each round)

Armor Whammy (2.5) reduce AC by d4 [DF]

Balor Nimbus (2.5) flaming body [SC]

Bear's Endurance (2) Subject gains 1d4+1 Con, 1 min/lvl - Only self for RuneLord

Blur (2) Attacks miss subject 20%

Bull’s Strength (2) Subject gains 1d4+1 Str, 1 h/lvl - Only self for RuneLord

Cat’s Grace (2) Subject Gains 1d4+1 Dex, 1 h/lvl - Only self for RuneLord

Darkvision (2) See 60 ft in total darkness

Eagle's Splendor (2) +4 Chr

False Life (2) Temp hit points D10 = 1/lvl (max=10)

Fox's Cunning (2) +4 int

Ghoul Touch (3) Paralyzes one subject

Glitterdust (2.5) Blinds creatures, outline invisible

Gust Of Wind (3) Blows

Hurl (2.5) thrown weapon returns [SC]

Invisibility (3) Invisible 10 min/lvl or until attacks

Knock (2) Open locked or magic sealed doors

Levitate (3) Subject moves up/down

Melf’s Acid Arrow (2) 2d4 dmg for 1 rnd+1 rnd/3 lvls

Owl's wisdom (2) Subject Gains 1D4+1 Wis, 1 h/lvl

Protection from arrows (2.5) immune to most ranged attacks

Read Alchemy (2) Finds type of alchemy [DF] - RuneLord would have tattooed tongue - ewwwww

Resist Energy (2) ignore first 10 dam from specific energy

Scare (2) Panics creatures up to 5 HD

Scorching Ray (2.5) ranged touch 4d6 fire+1 ray/four lvl

See Invisibility (2) Reveals invisible creatures or objects

Spectral Hand (2.5) Disembodied glowing hand to att

Spider Climb (1.5) Grants ability to walk on walls

Tash'a Hideous Laughter (2.5) lose action 1 me/lvl

Touch of Idiocy (2.5) D6 of Int, Wis and Chr damage [DF]

Veil of Shadows (2) darkness grants concealment [SC]

Level 3

Arcane Sight (3) magic auras are visible to you

Blacklight (3) create an area of total darkness [SC]

Blink (4) Randomly vanish and reappear

Deep Slumber (3) puts 10 HD of creatures to sleep

Displacement (4.5) Attacks miss subject 50%

Fireball (4.5) 1d6 dmg/lvl, 20-ft rad spread

Flame Arrow (3) Projectiles or bolts (4d6 dmg)

Fly (3.5) flight - ummm, must maintain the run, can't do anything else but fly

Gaseous Form(3.5) Subject insubstantial, can fly slowly

Haste (4) Extra partial action, +4 AC

Heroism (3.5) +2 to attack, saves and skill checks

Invisibility Sphere (3) Everyone within 10 ft invisible

Keen Edge (3.5) Doubles weapon’s threat range

Lightning Bolt (4.5) Electricity deals 1d6 dmg/lvl

Mage Armor, greater (3.5) +6 to armor [SC]

Magic Circle Chaos/Evil/Gd/Law (4.5) +2 AC, saves, counter mind contrl

Magic Weapon, Greater (4) plus one/ four lvls (max 5)

Nondetection (4) Hides subject from scrying & divin.

Protection frm Energy (3) Absorb 12 pnts/lvl of one kind of energy

Sleet Storm (3) Hampers vision and movement

Slow (4) 1/lvl only partial actions, -2 AC/att

Suggestion (3) Compels subject to follow

Tongues (3) Speak any language

Tremorsense (3) pinpoint location of creature on ground [SC]

Water Breathing (2.5) Subjects can breath underwater - ewwww tattoos in nose

Wind Wall (3.5) Deflects arrows, small creats, gases

Level 4

Animate Dead(5) Creates skeletons and zombies

Bestow Curse (4.5) -6 abi / -4 att, saves, checks etc.

Detect Scrying (3) Alerts of magical eavesdropping

Duplicate (4.5) makes a copy out of dust [DF]

Fear (4) Subjects within gone flee 1 rnd/lvl

Globe -Invulnerability,less (4.5) stops 1st to 3rd spell effects

Ice Storm (4.5) Hail deals 5d6 dmg in cylinder 40 ft

Invisibility, Greater (5)Subject can attack & stay invisible

Liquid Form (6) change into liquid, retain control [DF]

Phantasmal Killer (12) Illusion kills subject or 3d6 dmg

Reduce Person, Mass (4) reduces several creatures

Shout (4) Deafens all within cone, 2d6 dmg

Stoneskin (4.5) Gives damage reduction 10/+5

Wall of Fire (5) 2d4 dmg out to 10 ft, 1d4 to 20 ft

Wall of Ice (5) Wall with 15 HP +1/lvl or can trap

Level 5

Ball Lightning (5.5) d6/lvl electric dam, direct it [SC]

Cloudkill (6) Kills 1-3 HD, 4-6 HD Fort save / die

Cone of Cold (5) 1d6 cold damage/lvl (max 15d6)

Death Throes (5.5) your body explodes when you die [SC]

Dragonsight (5.5) low-light vision, darkvision, blindsence [SC]

Mind Fog (5) Subjects in fog get –10 Wis / Will

Passwall (6) Breaches walls 1 ft thick / level

Prying Eyes (5) 1d4 + 1/lvl floating eyes scout

Sex Swap (5) boys to girls, girls to boys [DF]

Symbol of Pain (7) triggered rune wrack with pain

Symbol of Sleep (6) triggered rune puts creatures to sleep

Telekinesis (5) Lifts or moves 25 lb/lvl, long range

Teleport (7.5) Instantly transports you anywhere

Wrack (4.5) renders creature helpless with pain [SC]