One of the Builders of Bloodskull Tower.  He was 'stored' inside a magic sword that was caught inside The Ghost Ship for a long time.  The Sword was retrieved and he was restored.  Now inside Thark, with the Tower destroyed - he was a bit lost in his porpose, and more than willing to put on a 'nice' front until something came his way.

Then, Thark found the Necropolis - a kingdom sized graveyard on Jira.  There was magic hidden in the deepest parts, all wrapped up in the undead inhabitants who still clung to life.  With magic beginning to re-emerge, he was the only one who understood magic and could clearly see the Goddess manifest.  He fell in love with the Goddess and what she stood for.  He became a cleric of two faiths; cleric of the Undead and the Necropolis.  

The Warders slowly began to understand him, but the Essary - the head of the Necropolis - had an intense fear and dislike for the undead and magic.  Avedon considered Denowith a demon sent to test him.  

In the end, Denowith became Essary - when Avedon broke with tradition and stepped away from his duties.

gotta respect the mullet

He is married to Nikki Necropolis goddess.

His best friend is Rabon, but now he also has a set of Usuals.

loves him the brimblenut pie