Clanfather - not the original  Calenmir - clans

The growing clan


Born as Cerwyn, he was trapped for years (!) in a magical prison (an old magical college in the Ice Wastes) that made him the guardian of the area - and he had to stay (from near the start of the 4th age to the 6th age).  A group of adventurer's from Thark managed to figure out how to release him, and he was free to return to his clan (  Baltin, Mathwyn. 

Cerwyn returned to the elvin capital to pick up the pieces of his life.  He went back to the house he had grown to find his wife - Ellie - had thought him dead - and had moved on with her life; marrying (Mallion) and having children.  He then went back to his clantree - and was discovered to be the eldest of his family - and this the Clanfather.

Asta, was pleased to step down into the clanelder role - and Cerwyn/Croninger made some savvy choices to help cement him in the role.  As he arranged himself to grow back into society - he quickly became a people person - to compensate for his years of being basically alone.  He is a master grower, and fit into his clan's needs and ideals well.



3rd age

55th year  - Born 

6,000 - went to RebTide to study

13,267 - Married to Ellie

4th Age

1,982 - Imprisoned magically as guardian in a Ice Waste Magical School - long dead

6th  Age

42.02.04 - Released, home to Callenmir,  his wife (Ellie) had thought him dead and moved on

42.02.07 - Made Clanfather, Asta, is happy to step down to Clanelder. 

80.10.26 - Croninger's Wedding

In his return to life, he finds himself being much more social - and tends not to want to be alone.  Even his rooms have windows open to the common areas of the clantree.  

He goes to events like theater, music, poetry that he use to love.  There, he often here the laughter of his old wife - making him melancholy.  While he can not help but be friends with her, he hides his love for her - hoping not to interfere with her life.

He steps up the Clan garden symphonies. 

He gets a cat, nicknamed 'CC' - Clanfather's Cat - so he is not alone in his own rooms

79.09.19 Ellie leaves her husband, and confess her love for Croninger.

80.03.18  Ellie has a dream about Cerwyn leaving and being lost again.  Her grief and fear that she would never see him again, and would be waiting forever for his return; drives her to run to his clantree, awaken many in her attempt to get to him - and the two begin much more concrete plans to marry.

Clanleader notes:

The Croninger clan has had only 5 clanleaders.  They have a tradition of taking their founders name to help maintain smooth transition. 

  1. Croninger himself establishes that clan on the date that city of New Hope was opened (City Family)
  2. Mentair
  3. Alion
  4. Asta - the only clanmother.  She currently has stepped into Clanelder station, where she feels she can get more done.
  5. Cerwyn