There are lands that hold the moment of Death's embrace. The tiny space in between Life and the Afterlife. With magic being able to cross this line forward and back – there is a landscape that can hold souls for a while. Souls that are not yet ready to go on, or cling with Fate's potential of returning to Life, or even just souls lost and needing a moment before they cross over. This space is called the Deathlands.

It is home to the incarnation of Death herself. There is a huge crimson and crystal palace that holds her throne. It is also home to her son, Twyl – who has a series of compartments he can call his own. The souls who wait are manifested as grey people – often lost and self involved wander here.

Phoenix are counted as Death's birds, as she lets them slip in and out of her embrace. There is a place on her Palace roof where they nest and dance. The fire gives the crystal an interesting glow.

Greater Places:

The Vault

The Gate to Hence

The Quiet Hill