Fairy Realm

Fairy Realm

There's no sense in trying to put up a map of the Fairy Realms, but it is a place that people get to. It is the Realm that lays closest to DarkFawn in the dimensional 'book'.

The Fairy Realm is a mappable place, it's just that by defining it, you lessen it – and then magical things move in and make changes to it. There are times it seems like you are normal sized, and times when you seem no bigger than a doll. The classic entryway is a doorway in a mound.

The most striking feature of the Fairy Realm is that the River of Time runs through it. Depending on which side of the River you are on, time runs either forward of backward (So you could be younger than you were when you went in.) If you are close to the River, time runs fast – you might never see your own time again. Stick your feet into the River of Time, and unless you are immortal – you will be dead. The River of Time runs to the Sea of Experience – but it is not certain that the sea actually lies in the Fairy Realm.

Most of the people that live in the Fairy Realms are fey. The majority of them are pretty butterfly wing people. There are a huge series of races that seem to made of things that litter a forest floor (wood, nuts, fungus, etc). Not all are humanoid. Most do not think the same way people on the material plane think, and thus there is some confusion and humor.

The fey do not like to be named – it defines them. Most of them do not have names, tending to go by titles, nicknames or recent names that would be quickly changed or dropped. Spending time on the DarkFawnian plane changes them, and they avoid staying for long periods of time.

Religion is a tricky thing. It seems to be very individual. There is a strong religion of The Lord and The Lady.

Magic is natural, and there are all sorts of special abilities that can be mistaken for formal spells.

Do not eat the food of the Fairy Realms. While wondrous stuff, it makes changes in your body – and no other food will nourish you.

The Magic University at Thark has a small door to a place they maintain in the Fairy Realm. While a changeable place, they try to maintain a lodge for enchanting purposes.

Greater Places:

River of Time

Sea of Experience

Fey Court


The Catfish that lives in the River of Time

The Wild Hunt