The First Dragon First  (ruled 1st age, 1-9,547)

his rider is Jandari

Dead for years, and restored by a wish by the PC's

1st age 9,547       Karrac killed by humans

6th age 33.10.40  Albamin and Ruby find Karrac and reunite him with Jandari. (DT 96)

6th age 34.02.38  The Fortress of Time is raided to add years to Karrac’s life.

   He instituted the stitching of the sky scar and made the world safe for life to continue. Founded civilization, saved the intelligent races and put them into an element where they could thrive. Gave magic into the hands of the biped races. Impressed to Jandari.

   Generally saved life and set the standard of intelligence and civilization.

   His death was due to assassination attributed to Ezeria the elvin queen wishes.