Second Hatching of the Tears

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Keemara explains that the eggs of the Tears (joy, Sorrow and Toil) were hatched at Heaven's gate - when everyone returned to the material plane something strange happened.  Music.  Singing.  Wonderful music that enfolded the babies.  She had it checked out, and was pretty certain it was the echo or Creation or the Creator.  She didn't think it would last too long.

Of course, it lasted longer than she thought.  But now that Hellspawn is 'showing up early -be beat the rush' - well, this must be the winding down of the music.    All hands on deck!

The either is filled with portent.

There were omens that each of the characters observed as things began to unfold.  Hellspawn showing up told them that the situation had peeked.  They teleported and ran into a great creature from beyond time and space.  There were evil angels with black wings and strange eye symbols on their tunics.  The formless dark.  And at the hatching grounds - some strange primordial god (facing off against Jandari).

Throwing themselves into the trouble and standing at Jandari's side.  The group stood there when the dragons (without real choice) breathed all at once at the god.  It did not kill the god, but hardened and peeled it down.  Vastar made some inner conclusion - knowing he could not call on Death (in his neutrality) - and called on Fate.  Fate can take sides.  Fate can play favorites.  Fate interceded.

During the rush back to the hatching ground - the young tears came out of their song shells and joined the world.

maybe not the best description - but I have GenCon stuff to do.