Wax Lymeric's Funeral

RobertBurnt, and after a bit  Kimbria, Galia, Ivy

A brass band.

Four black centaurs bearing a liter.

Two carved funeral urns upon the liter

and Lymrick - dressed in black and holding a huge black umbrella to ward off the sunlight.

The wax Lymrick's are no more, and this is a parade to mark their passing.

To the parader's surprise, they were attacked!

first it was odd fly-based insectoid pilgrims - who might have been under some compulsion.  

The demons came second.  Master Robert threw a red death on the type 5!  After the fight, a series of questions by Debberion and the party revealed that the demons had come early, to avoid the rush, to see if they could steal/take/kill the cosmic event about to happen.  Robert realized they were talking about the hatching of God's Tears (he warned Keemara)

the crowd insisted that the wax Lymrick's be honored and the parade finished.

There were manifestations of spirit forces that went through the taxidermy shop - manifesting in animals that attacked the paraders. Cumulating in a huge T-Rex.

the last attack was, of course, in the graveyard.  A bone swarm swept out of the graves.  Rabon came to help.

The urns were laid to rest.  A wonderful speech was given about their short and waxy lives.  The graves were filled in.

from the bottom of the litter, Limerick produced Tren-blue crayons that he gave to everyone there.  He explained that when you drew with them, the lines light up.  He gave Master Kimbria some lipstick (same color).