The Halls Untoward

Kimbria, Galia, BurntRobert

Master Tahir is doing some interesting research into NoWhere space.  Having done some interesting research in another dimension - he has found something called a Skein Witch - it is a celestial of Fate.  She is filled with hourglasses.... and he wants one.

Kimbria and Robert are Masters - and took on the task.

It is an underground road - maybe not too well traveled these days 

The Halls Untoward are half a mile below ground. Originally they were a small way station along a very long underground road. 

Over time, the halls accumulated shrines, small communities, workshops, temples, mad wizards, and strange travelers. Each carved a new space from the rock, took up an abandoned space and made it their own, or pushed out the occupants of an existing area. 

The halls are divided into two halves, which are now only connected only by secret doors. The way through from west to east has been forgotten, and a century of abandonment has set it wandering along 

They explored, and found the Skein Witch 

--- and Bob rolled a natural on a d6 roll ---

they came home with many hourglasses....