Droom, trading and role playing

mostly a night to give the players some opportunity to move their characters forward - and consolidate some of the extra gear.

Keemara made some sort of donation to the magic shop

Allan found a small Black Zintriny girl in an alleyway - eating out the garbage.  When carefully approached - she ate the offered food, and allowed Allan to guide her to the magic university and Master Vastar.  Once inside his office, she ran to embrace him with a familiar nickname.

Sara found Master Vastar at her doorstep - asking after a remove curse.  It seems that Blasphemy's child, Grace, has not only run to find him, but has also tried to kill him.  Sara went to his house, and found he had carefully locked her in a room in the basement.  Curse removed.  At dinner, she explained that her father had kidnapped her mother, and she seems to be tied up inside this intrigue.

Robert found Master Vastar at his household.  His magics have traced Blasphemy to Xinji.  Under the Palace of the Emperor - in a dark deep space.  He would at least like permission to enter - before he goes to find her.