She lives there still


There was an old woman, lived under a hill

and if she's not gone - she lives there still

Sweet silver she sold, and glittering pies

And she's the old woman that never told lies

There was an old man, lived under the sky

and if he's not lost - he may not die

Dear edges he holds, and doesn't bleed fast

And he's the old man that never be last

There was an old child, loved under a star

and if' she's not dead - she goes very far

Bright water she drinks, and hasn't a tooth

And she's the old child that never knew truth

There was an old thing, lived under a lake

and if he's not found, he will not wake

Of magic he thinks, and writes quite a sum

And he's the old thing that never become

A merchant, name Kalamity came to town - teaching the new common.    He has a fascination of language and found some interesting documents from an old church that he has been tracing the language shift.  There is a nursery rhyme that goes with the manuscript.  Kalamity believes that this is a mention of magic that has been disquised as nursery rhyme and religious information. - It's magic on Jira.

He believes that it's a collapsed dimentional pocket remnant.  Like when you reach your hand into a bag and it's empty (or doesn't have your car keys) and then you reach in again and find them.  Like a fabric balloon that has collapsed and still has pockets of other space.  He thinks the first chamber is probably nothing - but there might be others.

Of course, the town that is outside the lost space treats the space as haunted.  They have at least one 'rip van winkle' style story.  But, they are coming to embrace the transformation and a silkie girl helped drag the characters to the haunted beach - where the easily discovered the slit that marked the opening of the dimentional pocket.

Inside the pocket they found what was left of some great elvin castle.