The Sand Bleeds


the United Isle have a problem - a piece of desert; bleeds.  They sectioned it off and sent a helicopter out to find adventurers.  The government guys started asking what skills the characters brought to the situation (probably looking for clerics) and both of the Kobolds said they were dragons.  They immediately got choice treatment!  Gullen wanted to start some fires in the nice hotel they were staying at - but was given some cigars instead,

They were taken to a fenced in area, guarded and with drones.  There was a sign that some of the cactus there was protected.

they fought wild dogs, and mantis.  There was a group of cultists - with guns - who shot at the party even before hearing they were with the government.  ...... the remaining cultist took them to the oracle bones.

Surrounded by the rare cactus - some that were manifesting perhaps some runes; there was a red plant film over the bones.  The film pulled itself up into a great sheet.  The sheet manifested the desert sun a,d scorched the party- but in the end was no match for the party.

Kylk had the ability to gather the remains together - so they pulled the bones of the oracle together - it was a giant snake lamia - certainly nothing native to the area.