Lightning - Storm and Wall

Mayhemanti found a huge thunderstorm slamming lightning down on Kinkenadon.  It's bigger than the average problem, so he found some good adventurer's to tackle the problem.

Trith, KeerKel' VariKapaldeeKaneTamer

The storm was throwing down lightning to one place.  It stuck - building a great wall of crackling energy.  

First, they looked into the Thunderhead.  It was surrounded by fey hags that were drawn to it's power.

Surprisingly, the storm was so great it was powdering the very air around it - making the air turn state - and really unusually - going undead.  The party tried to catch it - they had one in a bubble shield  for a while, and ran it through a tapestry of Keer's (like cheesecloth).  In the end, it didn't quite take.

Inside the cloud were two rainbow serpent who had gone lightning.  They attacked, one swallowed Tamer and the other swallowed Clove and turned her into a goldfish!

Trith pulled out a powerful sword he had been longing to use and killed one of the serpents.  With a whimsy, he grounded the other flighting creature - so it settled by the lightning ring.

Tamer managed to get out of the serpent (the hard way for the serpent).  The lighting manifested a kind of swarm creature.  Inside the core of the frozen lightning was a strange metal pixelated creature that the party wound up talking to - it could only really answer yes or no.  They wound up sending it to the elemental plane of lightning - as it wasn't really capable of existing here well.

There was a lighting infused rid at the center of the burn pile.  It could be worked by a skilled dwarven craftsman - and made into lightning related pieces without the need for being enchanted.