Fallout shelter


Dortenzio has discovered a Jiran Fallout Shelter from the years when the magical people were being hunted down and killed.  The local yokels where looking for either a quick buck or a chance to weaponize any magic that they could find from their old legend.  Problem was - that everything they kept finding and bringing out - tended to explode.

So a group of people who grew up with knowledge of magic and understanding of how to handle dangerous compromised works - was gathered.  They were sent in with a pair of goggles and some equipment for neutralizing the works.

They did a lot of exploring of a nasty flooded place.  They found a point of last stand, kitchen and pantry, a painted corridor for exercising.  There were seismic settling signs, gelatinous goo on the top of water with petri dish spots (which D'varra fell into), cobwebs so thick they made filament.

They fought some interesting things - rats with centipede tentacles.  Broken music energy sheet.  terror haunted clothing.

They had the most fun trying to get the piano out.  They used the timestop scroll and it was too big to get out of the holes anyway.  They set up a magical explosion which wound up collapsing the place.