treasure dividing

Well, we assume the whole party was there - but Gary wasn't there - and Rick and Erica were under the 10 oclock curse.

YikYik gave Keemara the chain-mail of heat as a means of making the Sands for a Hatching Ground warm. She accepted it as the second task she had set for her protection of their tribe. Keemara then set the third task – which was accompany her on the Paths of Creation. Oh! That two was accepted.

The Kobolds of the White Dragon Tribe are declared under her Name and Protection. Keemara will give a grand party at Ben's to make the declaration to the town.

Keemara has a medal made with a small piece of the egg of joy paired with a small piece of the shell of toil

Keemara invited everyone to spread out all the gear in the new coming hatching sands.  She invited, Mages (Vastar, Demiatrus, Tahir, Albin), Clerics (Deberion, Jag, the Magic ladies, Shaulk, Billieboy), Alchemist Lymrick, Clanfather Cronninger  and perhaps some others.

Everything brought back is considered magical.  No one wants to insult the party with an offering of mere money.

Tatt talked to Vastar about his sword.

Xelpho took his odd scroll to Master Tolkien - who accepted it to look at, but put it in a pile of 'to be looked at someday'.  Fortunetly, he also went to tell Vastar to nudge the elven master not to loose track of the work.

Keemara gave her scroll to her Master, and Ivy gave hers as well.

Keemara claimed first pull of the treasure - and stuck to her guns as patron and organizer of the adventure (although, she already has the tear eggs),  She wanted the dagger made from a dragon's tooth.  The party wasn't too keen on the idea, but when she told them what she wanted - they quiesced.

Shaulk helped to get the skeleton moss a home - a better place then the gardens of the growing clan.

After a bit of trading, the treasure was divided so that individuals would be able to trade as they needed.