Paths of Ceation - Hatching

IvyYik YikXelphoAllanTatt

Worm of worms

Worm plates

innards of worms – Yik Yik & Xelpho

Teeth daggers         Dragon

Shark (megladon)

Purple Worm


Sabertooth Displacer Beast


Lightning Blue Saffires

Oasis Oooze

Aadi – Galaxy Dragon, Regent by Right of Trial

Demons at The Place of Tears

shells of the newly hatched tears

   after fighting Worms filled with worm innards, the party was hijacked to a higher space.  It was a series of unformed abstract thoughts.

There was an oasis that turned out to be a trap, and as they killed it, it diminished underneath them.  With timing and careful dextarity, they jumped to another bowl like space (managing to land on the rim, and not inside).

   Then, out of the far space, came a dragon.  A dragon with scales that shone with galaxies.  She landed, and Keemara went over to ask her name.  Aadi (meaning Beginning or She Knows) - she also took the title  Regent by Trial.  Of course, Keemara asked if she could help - her offer was taken - the party was whisked on the back of the Galaxy Dragon to Heaven's edge.  There - a fight was going on.  Demons, angels and other creatures of god or celestial nature.  The dragon waded in, and the party was confronted with hellspawn.

   During the fight, a demon paid attention to the strange pull - and looking around spotted the eggs of God's tears.  He looked hard, and recognized Keemara.  He spoke aloud, pointing.  You know you are in trouble when the entire fight around you suddenly turn and look at you....

  The party pulled closer together, setting their charges - the eggs - at their backs in a center.  Then, the Aadi breathed a path down the demons, making a clear run to her side.  The party sprinted.

   As they practically made the side of the dragon - the party found three small round indentions in the 'marble' floor.  Egg sized.  As though the tears god shed made a splash as they struck and made the Tears - leaving a small bowl behind.  Three small bows.

   The party quickly put the eggs in the bowls as the angels gathered about them in a protective circle.  

   The new tears - hatched.  Chick, larva and hatchling.

   Picking up the new tears by their eggs - the party looked around.  The dragon had moved, taking the bulk of the fighting with her.  There were demons still trying to get at the party.  But there were angels around them, and an angels job is to protect mortals.  The best protection was to take them home.  So the angles returned the group to Turangol (and didn't try to take the tears away at all).