Path's of Creation - word Mithril

IvyYik YikXelphoRickKapaldeeAllanTatt

fought scroll snakes in a black and white environment - with Blood smears and handprints.  They searched and found no-one, and finally supposed that it was possible that some mage from the world managed to get to this place seeking some tree of knowledge.  Unfortuneatly, there were also laid demonic runes in blood as well, and the party figured that someone did something wrong and was dragged off by some demon.  They cleaned the space.

They also fought primordial ore mudmen.  When defeated, there was Word Mithril attuned to be shaped by their will and sealed with a spoken work.

Ivy, Ring of Rengeration

Yik Yik, A great Tarp of warmth - to fofill the quest Keemara gave him long ago to find something to warm hatching ground sands

Xelpho, resurection shroud

Rick, a hard-on harness

Kapaldee, a luck tassel token for a weapon hilt

Allan, band of boosting

Tatt, a no-where sword