Swabash's Lost 'Baby'

Sure, the Adventurer's Inn was overly quiet.  Full, but with people generally subdued and more interested in their meals...

Suddenly the door slams open and a very tall, muscual 'woman' in a plaid and floral dress - with a huge chin, shouts "My Baby!  They've stolen my baby!" and she points out the Inn door.

Everyone - even Ben Airider - took up their sword and headed out  - to be snatched up and into the Swabashian arch.

Adventure was had.  There was a room of giant steamed lobsters....

Our group eventually found the toddler Swabash - dressed in a sailor suit and holding a huge rainbow swirl lolly-pop.

Once found and 'rescued' the party was returned just outside the Inn, which was now filled with boisterous people - all talking of the adventures they had.