The Holy Swamp


 in the swamp there is a place where:

the wind piles the leaves

the snow drifts turn to ice

the rain makes black pools

in this place - something has awoken......

So the reason that Bordine, a fairly powerful vampire knows nothing about this thing awoken in the swamp that he makes his home in - is that is is holy.  It works in the dayight and he is a creature of the night.

The party goes into the swamp - and encounters 

skunk apes

bulette/snapping turtles with fau malacite plates

phase crocks

there was a disguised Green Hag, but the party did not approach too closely

 The thing in the swamp was cold vegitation that has tasted the power of the Creator coming to join with his creation...  a proto-godforce.  It was making rootmen - with roots for hair, but fairly potato-like in nature.  But they have been made with a fairly un-tolerant attitude.  Freewill does not seem to be part of the thing's idea.

   The group decided it would be bad for them to attack it, and that perhaps some more input with the wider world and the way it works would be better for it.  Attacking it would only strengthin the idea that the world was a bad place needing 'correcting'.

They returned to Bordine, who promised he could send some servants out to talk.  They also want to find someone high in the old Creatorian church that might be able to go out.