The Cathedral of Junk

Aleon, Clanelder of the Jandari family, has heard that on the Thark side, there is someone building a Cathedral of Junk. It's attracting monsters and who ever is doing so will probably start to raid what they consider to be garbage from the town sooner or later.  Someone needs to check in to this, kill the monsters and find whoever is doing this.


(although Kylk found the group in his morning patrol/constitutional)

There was an archway of clockwork hands (no key)

The Garden of Rusty Nails (that had rust monsters)

The parade of chairs that lead to the Throne

the party didn't fight the phase lizards right away - thye instead would pick up a chair from the end of the parade and put it at the front - allowing them to move around the space. 

The Cathedral and a stone alter within.  

light beams of rainbow colors

A water effect - with a rub goldberg sort of plumbing that carried the water around the space.  (I think the Kolbold tribe will be enjoying it)

These odd pitcher plants goblins were warlike and angry.  The party talked to them; it seems that they are warriors grown from seeds specifically to fight in a war (like the hydra's teeth) and there was no war for them to engage.  They are wasted purose.  They will not be able to re-seed!  The party took them to the Temple of War.

a giant Paper Chicken and aluminum roosters

they found a low intelligence 1/2 gnome 1/2 oger named Hanneman who is the maker of these things.  They helped with an odd contraption that opened a portal to somewhere on Mal'Covia where a patient mage/witch collected him back to her care.