Holy Pool of the Ancestrial Crocodile

Mayhemanti needs a favor - paid for his son Pellentar.  It boils down to this:

An orc girl threw a package into the Holy Crocodile Pond.  She didn't want to be caught holding it.  The Crocodiles are big and will guard it - and they are holy ancestors so protected.


Once a year, the clerics open the holy pool to those who are proven worthy - they go into the pool at the signal and can harvest what they will from the pool.  Young crocs, tokens thrown in -and- anything else that might have fallen in during the year.

The orc girl can't be seen going into the pool to recover her package.  She needs someone else to go in, face the crocs, and be fast enough to recover the bag first.

A gauntlet of colorful stirges - who stain the characters with color.

watched by people in some stand, the characters are rewarded by the colors they wear.

An orc town in the process of celebration is a rough and inexplicable.

There was a drug addled minataur that charged through the crowd, attacking anyone - and a handler that followed with curing and more drugs.

finding the Holy Pool of Ancestrial Crocodiles was easy, and the party quickly went to the trial to qualify - by fighting some goblins.  The goblins started using outside curing, so the party did too.  They qualified easily.

The crocodile event was called, people lined up around the walled pool - barehanded, and ready to jump in.  Many of the locals wanted to harvest the animals for meat.  A rush of people happened when the signal was given.  The party made it over to where the bag had been thrown - and series of steps and investigation with toes - and they found the bag quickly.

It was over before they knew it.