The Goddess of Cold Ashes

AntheonDelBurnRickKapaldee, Canary Black, FlannaganKlor

The valley had long been destroyed by a Pyroclastic cloud - and the ashes were certainly thick and cold...

The Masters began a weather spell at the mountain peaks, making a wind that went around and around to kick up all the ash.  Into this sandstorm cover - two groups of adventurer's were sent.  One to tackle the Goddess.

There was a mucus dome that moved and shifted in the wind, covered in ash - the only thing that made it obvious was the absence of the branches.

Of course the undead find them through the storm as they seek life levels.

Inside the dome - was a long blackened tree spike (30 feet long - but sunk into a put) covered in people that had been impaled on it and stacked like cord wood.  They bore a mark of a spider on them, and their tongues were bifurcated.  The mark of the spider can be one of Fate's own and the ladies impaled started speaking prophecies.  They also breathed out a gas creature with teeth and the characters drove back into the space and hit with a sunlight serenade.

Rick had the sound effect on his phone!  It was awesome!  

There were doorways that needed blood to open them, and various horrific places where the followers of Cold ashes were busy doing terrible things to people they had captured.  They found an orc cleric of war who was being prepared/tortured into becoming a priest of the Cold Ashes.  He had three horns and understood war - so he figured their little minds like that.

He knew that there was no way to kill the Avatar - it had grown too strong.  Of course, he did not know they carried the Garrot of Fate with them

At last, they came upon the Avatar, the strange alien thing was mostly dormant to her physical form - but was willing to chitter and keen damage at the group.  A fight began, but not an easy one.  The sonic damage was killing a couple of the party regularly.  Klor was trying to grapple the creature and finally Burn took his shot with the garrote - knowing he had only one.  He pulled the destiny away from the avatar like a soap bubble.  It stuck to the hair, and the creature lost all desire to be here in this dimension and left for places unknown.