A Very Bad Sword


Master Vastar has heard an unusual story

A great plague as run through a kingdom.  The forest had to be felled to have enough for the cremation fires.  As the fire blazed, a dwarven forgemaster shaped a blade from ore of the mines where the contagion began.  The one armed mage breathed magic into it and left it to Destiny's hope.  In the hands of an orphan of the catastrophe - a black legacy began.

The blade darkened with time.

Now, a would-be emperor, who builds with blood, has sent for it.

There are three main points that interest Master Vastar

1) The sword is un-claimed - if the item is being sent for, there is a good chance it is not currently being wielded by someone.

2) There are not that many swords that seem to be intrinsically evil - especially ones that are not sentient. 

3) A one armed enchanter is a rare thing.  curious.  

so go and get it, and bring it back to me....

The whole place is inside a cliff face with a huge carved lion's head (that use to be painted red).  There were horses outside, and their gear seemed more barbarian than royal guard.  The party had to work the lion's jaws in order to get inside.  There was a drawn ring of gold, and Tamer noted there were five thick spots - that if connected, formed a star pattern, completing the shape of a pentagram.

There was a group of orcs (the Would-be emperor's men) who looked over a strange mechanism to move the bridge over the chasm.  The chasm's bottom has animated stones in it.  The stones were wearing circles in the rock below - then, the star shape became more evident.

The orcs were violent, a fight ensued and they were killed.  Rusty keys were found.  The bridge was cranked over and the the party continued.

The party also spotted a floating pair of eyes near the door on the far side of the room.  They were quickly gone.

The second room was an operating theater.  Fairly sinister.  Inside was an abomination of a cluster of eyes - it shot rays out of it's eyes.  There was a pressure in the characters eyes to want to pop out of their heads and join the mass.

Also in the room was a statue of a one armed mage.

The doors started to have little windows in them.

The third room was a room of iron masks.  Chains in the room animated into fawn-like structures.  Good thing the characters had the keys.

The faces of the iron masks began to make horrific sounds.

Hallway of cells brings an odd ghoul creatures made from the blackened dust of the people who had long died here.

The huge room had hanging cages.  And Spikeballs.

The sword was set in one of the cages on a black cloth.  Fortunately with some invisibilities and flight spells - they sent Kapaldee inside, and lured the spikeballs inside the smaller space to fight.

The last space was a torn doorway and a greater sense of foreboding.  Allan reminded the group that Albin's advice was to LEAVE THE DAMNED THING ALONE - call an expert.  The party decided (wisely) to leave the demon alone.

Vastar collected them.  After hearing their reports - Albin said he would see that the demon was no longer a danger.