Lost Memories (of convicts)


A group of people come for heroes - complaining that they have no memories further back than awakening on the shore of a river nearby where they now live.  No childhood.  No memories of home, parents, siblings, education, or anything!  But they obviously know how to do things and survive.  They are having nightmares as well - being underwater, straining muscles against hard labor.

they are looking for smart brave people who can figure out what is going home.

There was a slice of gelatinous cube in the river.

A clear hole in the riverbank lead to a room with rocks (gathered from the water) to break into stones.

A dormitory style room with people that look amazing similar to our memory-less people.  They attacked with mindless actions.

A sitting area led to a maze.  The end of the mazes had things written on the walls. 

Man is not what he thinks he is - he is what he hides

Three may keep a secret - if two of them are dead

The more you leave out - the more you highlight what you keep in

We are all entitled to have our hidden ways

and more

The characters suddenly recognized the pattern of the religion of Secrets.

Whisper Chambers, with manifested Whispers!

A room with guardsmen of the King and terrible prisoners - wearing neutral clothing and their hair all cut alike.  The guards were nervous - this is a Secret to be kept.  The King is sending career criminals (who would naturally return to a life of crime) to this place.  A ceremony done by the Keeper (in the last chamber) and maintained by the movement of the Whispers - wipes their memories and allows them easily commendable.  The Keeper uses their sentence of labor to clear the environment, she then release them to the nearby village.  With no memories, patterns and bad influences to drop back into - they become farmers.