Dragon Oasis - the dragon's home

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Tola had returned from being teleported away with Master's Gary & Mayhemanti (and Diamond & Kernite).  Interested in having the Dragon rights correctly administered and seeing the home/horde of the dragon - the Master's were interrupted by an eruption of a volcano which threw ashes high into the air.  This alarmed the two, seeing that they party had just dealt with agents of the Goddess of Cold Ashes - so they went away to investigate.

The party was now out in the open and it was about to rain hot ash down on them - of course - they took refuge in the dragon's lair.

there were some interesting traps and puzzles that the dragon kept about his place.

The small light leaks into the space beyond, and is grabbed – bounced and multiplied to fill the room.

It's a rough room, 150 foot wide, 120 foot deep and 90 foot tall. It's red rock at the top, that is slowly broken into white crystal stripes at the base and gives way to a white semi-translucent floor (although it is a cloudy, powdery white). There are other openings into the space giving you the idea that there are at least three areas of the dragon's home.

Going around the room to the right,

A series of laquered boxes carefully arranged in a zoo like diorama – despite the fact that they are many different sizes. Camels, Tigers, elephants, goats, donkeys, rhino, deer. Some have silken cords that criss-cross to make patterns, holding mirrors (silver and gold).

Camels – aquamarine pieces (400)

Tigers – alchemy – white sugar star (+HP perm)

elephants – fancy shoes (250)

goats – bundles of exotic smelling paper (400)

donkeys – bees wax, some writing implements (150)

rhino – backpack – lessens weight – upsidasium clasps

deer – silver lumps – some unfinised carving (150)

Boxes – all three boxes are mislabeled. label correctly to open. You may choose one to open as a start. One says 'Garnet', Kunzite and Garnet & Kunzite. The mixed box contains garnet, then the garnet box says kunzite and the kunzite box is marked garnet.

The wall above the zoo is carved with layer and layer of dancing god figures – multiple arms and anthropomorphic features. They are fighting, making love, cooking, hunting. There are a number of alcoves set with blue and black wax candles – the wax hanging down across the surface (hiding some figures and accenting others)

Careful searching will turn up bee fey jewelry (900)

An opening towards the rear of the room to it's right is separated by a mahogany screen. A series of foxes are enameled over it. (2500)

The back wall has a huge teak wood throne, carved in hexagon shapes that nest in delicate latices work (3000) Laying on the bright blue cushion is golden crown set with delicate red, blue and green gems (5000) . A number of colorful silken clothes are drapped across the seat (500). A white marble carved footstool in the shape of a human bending in supplication (1500 – it as mithril eyes. But it is magical – and is a guardian work)

Multiple colors and sizes of rugs make a walkway to the throne. Many of them have dragon or water motifs (400)

Piles of gold, silver and bronze lie around the throne (2300). A potion bottle bandoleer of carved camel teeth lays across the back of the tall chair (10 of them are full. Alchemy. Hawaiian Punch – next strike will hit).

Glassteel tankard with a wolf's head

a silver bottle stopper wit the inscription “fortune's dispair'

slate bowls – alchemically desireable 700

Brass sextant – broken 50

fearsome-looking bronze hip flask, set with Rock Crystal (50)

Three large chests, flat topped – and set with brass trays (150). Intricately carved glasses and bowls (1,200). A game of pegs shaped like dragons on another (200 – but you will need the rules)

The floor here is carved in shapes of swords. White shapes like swords lie under the main floor like carved white paperweights. The floor is actually made of salt, and you can manage to get the weapons out if you melt the floor wit the water from the fountain in the bedroom

Sword – hilt of Bloodstone – causes extra bleeding 2d8 dam

Mace – fire opal surrounded in crystal – 2d8 dam – sets fires

Smoke Quartz hilt on the knife – blue 1/day

Sword – detect magic 4 times a day, glows

An iron cannon shaped like a fish stands to the left side of the throne, pointing toward the door. A caraft of wine tucked down it's throat. The cannon is more for looks, and will crack and explode if you actually try to charge and use it. But is is pretty and intimidating.

The left of back wall has an opening that has an intricate series of curtains with tassels and 'godeyes'.

The floor bows a bit in this area – probably from long use (1250)

Finishing the circle around, and coming to the left of the doorway – a carefully smoothed series of natural steps lead down into a basement room. Pottery, taller than a man stands here – most have patterns of stars and maps upon them (2550)

The center of the room has a sand box in it, and the sand is smooth and has indications of a map of the area drawn on the sand – except for a great dragon handprint. The box is broken on one side, and the sand is spilled as if a fight has been here. There is some magic here – as the box was a way the dragon could take stock of the area. It is fueled by spells the dragon knew....

There has been trouble inside the dragon's lair. There are scorch marks, and things upended. There is no blood spilled here, so perhaps the dragon left his lair in pursuit – or being pursued.


A room about 100 by 80 is shielded by a folding wall. One side is foxes, the other is wolves.

The library is criss-crossed with tall shelves and a few low tables. They are inlay-ed with pearl and lapis work bars to form a sort-of Moroccan tile work. The top of the shelves have djinn and geinie looking down thoughtfully at readers.

There is a clear space at the entrance of the room. A few books are carefully placed about the space – they are sheperded by a tall book stand with a yellow leather book on it. As you enter, a series of figures manifest and say their parts.

If you want any part of looking around the library – you need to solve the logic problem. It's a game the dragon likes to play.

The books are written in various Mal'Covian – and maybe even an old Alderly dialect.

Spellbook? Cookbook? Hard to say.

Books on aqueducts, farming, weaving, plant lore, a few history, a sky watching book with years of notes about comets and constellations.

+1 to Int tomb

a spell copy to make the sandbox work – a watch spell....

A set of Calaigraphy pens and ink – bronzewood (300)

` a darkwood pair of book bindings with the inscription “Dread Only Begets Fear” written in Common and set with several Sunstones. It is of exotic workmanship (400)


The first thing that strikes you is the sound of bubbling water. It is moist in the room, a luxury in the desert. There are a number of pearls carved like mermaids that are in the pool with a golden threaded net that 'captures' them. (5 mermaids – 1,000 1 octopus girl – 1,000, 1 jellyfish girl – 1200) A chip (kinda invisible – water breath 1 year – must be eaten

A series of furs and rugs make looping piles in the space. It is easy to see where the dragon likes to lay it's form amid the wrinkles. (maybe 400 – it does smell a lot like dragon)

Velvet quilt (350

Satin tapestry – a little damp - 200

His head was pressed up against the fountain in the back. The fountain is a complicated magical machine that uses the heat of the dragon to make certain it still works. There's probably a cool hatch to see the magical workings)

There are 5 chests set in the very back. The water beads on the wooden surface, but there are no signs of mold on it yet. [Mimics]

a set of earning with an old god symbol? 700

bore tusk bracelet 100


The smooth natural steps form a pretty way down. The white stone of the space around gives way to a darker yellow/brown as the light leaves the area. The stairs open to a space that is 80 by 60.

There are some lovely jars and crates down here, each smelling of exotic foods and spices. Dried figs. Pork Jerky. Brews – Pony Flattener, Ferment of Troll, Minotaur waster, Ogre's Cure All, Punching Gargoyl. The Thick'n'Rich Crocodile. 640

There is a wooden press, about 4x4 stands about 5 feet tall. It has a weird series of pullies and rigs – and is currently being used to make scorpion squeezings. There are two tall jars with painted scorpion eyes and the neck of it has scorpion tails tied around it. (1,200)

In the back of the space are skeletal lords – their bodies decorated with thing hammered filigrees of gold. Cinnabar carved in stellar shapes are looked around their desiccated bodies. Their hands hold weapons to their chests – and the shining blade of these weapons seems to glint as someone looks at them. [Red Slaads – trapped on the weapon's blades and wanting to get out. There's a perception chance in the highest range to see perhaps the in-human eyes.]

head band - intricate design of leaves - +d4 to healing

Glow Orichalcum – a necklace with a piece – 5,000