role playing and treasure divide

this got kinda complex - which was fun.

Splack had licked the no-where room - and they took him to Tahir.  He told them that the gentlekobold would have to die in order to surrender the large section.  Maybe he could be raised.  Turned out the spiritual leader of the tribe, Arpegg was experienced enough to raise the dead - and had enough karma (of the Creator) to do so (thanks to Scott - who figured out it was a domain spell of his).

It worked.

Tahir could split up the rooms - and there were three people who managed to have a no-where room.

Sakai - Jamaerah is pregnant again!

Demiatris talked to Lonnie about getting some more students for Master Tolkien.  The idea is to talk to some elves who don't have a lot of opportunity to have a magic education.  Jira.  Xinji.  Tivelera.

Splack's dinner theater spot also seems to have a luchador evening.  Probably just as well attended as his dinner theater.

There's a new theives guild in Turangol - they make easy contact with Zenobia, and Kane.  There are probably a few others looking.

Gnarl saw Master Vastar coughing up blood.  He followed the Master toward his house - but nothing else presented itself.

Went over Bob's master story with Bob and Gary - and later in the evening, did some role playing where Keemara apprenticed herself to Robert.

There was also some talk about the getting the Kobold Tribe some prestige and reputation.  The world tends to see them as monsters, and vermin monsters at that.  The idea that the tribe has some treasure and magic makes them a target.

game wize, we also talked about the BioMancer class