Death is pleased with the light that the party can take into the edges of Eternity - to hopefully give them light (that will not call attention to them) and then wants to give them some edge so they can talk to one another.  He warns that this is a tricky situation that he is placing the party into - but if they can't manage something like this - then the 'Appointed' part isn't going to go well.

IvyYik YikXelphoSplackHelgrimTatt

shuffeling gray Grimlocks - at the top of a huge cavern with the edge of a dark lake

mind flayers!  wounded and standing by something floating in the pool.

an almost dead abolenth!  Only heard of in the most obscure legend (but fortunately - a recently popular tale at the Adventurer's Inn).

A Dragon Turtle who was the slave of the abolenth - gives them 'glass' barnacle bottles were they could take the brains of the abolenth.

carrion crawlers drawn to the smell of blood.

The Mind Flayer's had a No-where room - the Abolenth had one that was like three joined together in a row.