So, Death comes to the party and asks if they were serious about helping.  He has an 'Appointed' that he can't get to, and the party is just about the right level to do something and not be really noticed by 'powers-that-be'.  It's a tricky nitch and -as Death- he will not be grateful or give reward,

IvyYik YikXelphoSplackHelgrimTatt

a strange river of wax, walls like honeycomb with wicks in places:

Death stays kindly, with a guardian who is slowly dying and sends the party on.

a hag eating eggs - one of her treasure set is an egg with 'dragonshadows' and a hand-footed crow on it.

strange creatures in the wax like remorhazs

skeletons that have fought and died in the wax

smokey shapes in the ceiling

the place of light - with a small lantern...