Temil's Worm

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Master Albin with Master Jessallen

There has been a great dimensional purple worm-like creature that has been eating villagers on the North coast of Tivalera.

Seventeen villages have been ravaged by it – in this dimension. Items found in the rubble indicate it has also attacked and swallowed villages from other dimensions. Investigations suggest at least two.

A number of adventurers have chased it, and have not returned to their homes. 20 some that I can point at – ranges of levels from 5th to 18th .

Information from some of the victims has surfaced. There is a druid named Temil who has been wildshaping into some sort of huge internal parasite and using the beast as a mount. For a while, it seems that Temil was merely gathering in the best parts of what what left in the wreckage of the worm's attacks – but – the beast has made more intelligent targets.

The worm has collapsed a temple tower. Inside was an old book – with some solid demonolgy information in it. From an old Master – Treeandos. It's one of his original tombs, and should not be lost. The demonology notes are detailed enough to be dangerous to a novice.

I would like it recovered.

We have managed to capture the beast.

We need a team of people to go in and recover the book. Oh, and to take care of this Temil as well.

The area has been cleared of trees and growth by magic.

In the center of the area, sticking out of the ground is a giant maw of huge teeth. A round forty foot pit with two sides of ten to twenty foot teeth that jerk against the pull of magic lines of binding that are anchored into the ground around it. There are three layers of secondary teeth - like a sharks – that support the outer layer.

A foul smell tinged with ozone emanates from the mouth.

From what you can see of the flesh, it is a sandy brown tinged with a lavender.

There is a quiet dark robed mage that tends the tethers.

There's was lotsa gooey internal stuff to fight.  Parasites, gooey stuff, strange doorways to other organs.  

There was a place where you could press your head into a divit in the brain of the beast - the place where the druid was trying to control and commune with the beast - the thing that caused the druid to go mad (but it was working!).

They found the crazy druid in the last place - and there with uplifted stone creatures - was the last stand off.

The party returned with the book, and still managed to leave the giant creature alive.