Undead Ship


Old Thark is calming down (magically speaking).  Some Dwarvin surveyors have been going over to measure the effect and perhaps (more importantly) the land that might be safe to re-claim.  This night, a series of groups follow the dwarves over to look around (and perhaps see the extent of the Kobolds).\

Then, a dark ship gathered itself out of the magical miasma.  A series of dark shapes leap off the ship, grab up the dwarves and drag them aboard.  

Being heroes -  They went after the dwarves.

It was odd undead Meat Puppets that had dragged the dwarves aboard.  Across all of them was a single map tattooed on the raw muscled flesh.  There were piercings on the flesh in various places that must mean something on the map.  Of course, parts of the 'map' were well hacked up by the characters in their attempt to free the dwarves.

In the front cabin was a ribcage made from other people's rib cages - and a faded black pudding like creature inside.  The creaking of the ship sounded like weeping, and Ghaylia wound up communicating with the ship and finding out it was sentient and undead.  It wanted it's Captain

They went on the the front hold and found flesh-warped orc centipede people.

The stern hold had zombies that had huge mouth's in the torsos.  Here they could speak with the ship - Taxim.

It was in the bilge that the Captain was 'resting'  a series of slabs of flesh (Skin Crawls) that had a necrotic touch.

The charaters defeated the monsters, and brought the captain up to the deck of the ship.  Now re-united, the ship went off on it's journey to the afterlife.