Xinji Swabashian Arch

There are workers on Robert's estates in Xinji who are moving the Swabashian Arch that is at the back of the property to the front of the property.  They are good people, with kind hearts and some 'let's get it done' kind of know-how.  But they don't know that much about moving a major magical portal.

they dropped it

well, the cart kinda fell -- lost a wheel - something.

There was a burst of magical energy


found themselves targeted by a magical force of Swabash's to bring them into the Arch.  Not the Swabashian arch they know, but a xinji equivalent.

One sided men - one arm, one leg, one eye - climb up out of a well

lightning beasts - a metal bristly fur that generates electricity 

a long corridor with rolling bamboo floor putting whimsey's on people (and taking them off)

big foot with white hands and feet

snow maids - maids only in looks

bone girls with music to charm

smoke cranes painting calligraphy in the air

lion dogs at the end of paper shoji coridor