Gods Creation force

Having been lured to Hence on strange pretexts - the party was informed that they had a chance to help use some power of the creator's to create.  Create gods from the scraps of elder gods that were no longer being worshiped - but whom might hold things that mortal men still need.

them - and parties of other people from other lands.

they carefully went into what GLU termed as The Bright Lands, and while they fought off creatures there - they found

NOTE - we've kinda decided to ignore this game.  The Forces were only making a test run.

The God's Invented by the Players


[No form, No armature, Luck – added gold coin]

A luck God – able to take a form that is needed.


[Cat form, armature, 'Full' Tapestry of ancient Chance]

Chance Cat


[six winged angelic figure, full armature, Truth, Love, Courage – added Blood for courage, Sunlight for love, Scripture for truth]

A celestial figure for Good... purity of word, clarity of heart, strength of deed's intent


[female lamia form, armature, Beauty, Imagination, Craftsmanship – added Fate card Token of Craftsmanship]

A Goddess of imagination and creativity.


[six armed human, armature, Inspirational Song, Interpretive Dance, Premonition – added a song he sand, a series of drawn dance steps, a Bloodstone prophecy knot (stronger than omen knots)]

A mysterious goddess of Prophecy – invoked and revealed through song and dance


[humanoid figure with dragonfly wings, armature, Growth, Progress, Metamorphosis – added a Fate card of Ringed Planet]

A goddess of Change


[Dragon form, armature, Knowledge, Magic – added crystallized dragonbone, a mana gem]

A Dragon god of Magic