Get thee Hence

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On flimsy pretext, Olin's Oldest and heir to the kingdom, Almai is spirited away to Hence

A party is assembled in Turangol - and Sara informs the group that while talking to Master Twyl about the Creator's disappearance, he suggested that she should be pursing the mortal states of being - Life, Death and the Undead.  Since Olin was speaking of Hence - it seemed a good place to start.

Kane had a dream direct him to the adventure.

Kel'Vari had finally found a mage to teleport him back to the Eldland and had just arrived on a ship from Big Current.

The adventure took them past the Skin Sphinx and the simple riddles (they didn't have a lot of brains and the GM did want to adventure to continue).  Down a portal made of maggots, last the shadows of adventures and life past and into the jaws of undead beholders.   Fortunately, Sara had a book of origami monsters that had a semblance of life that most of the horrors pursued.  Through the tall grass and Biters to the glowing wall of Life with Death's Door set on it.

By touching it, they came into a realm that intersects all the states of being - the Bright Lands.  Here they found the child and The Great Lord of the Undead - Eddie.  Almai ran back to her dad, and the Great Lord explained:

This place has, currently, a pool of the Creator's energy.  There are also, a series of demi gods, or gods who - to the general populace - are hidden/unknown/lesser.  In his view - they are much like undead - held between life and death.  But with the energy here - they may step from the shadows and back into the lives of mortals.

This is a deed for mortal souls....

With the recent changes in the God structure of the Game - the GM has invented an opportunity for the Players to get involved with the God structure of the world....  We will pursue this next week.  With more adventure as well.