Tal' Kimbria

Necromancer - Master.  Given a field promotion by Master Vastar during the Daggerlands 

Helped Korillmax turn Jainallendar's dead body into a undead thing.  Told Keemara before the shit hit the fan.

The things the Chr cares about:

1) Crafting Undead

2) Family - large house back home, Tal is the family name, "No, no - just call me Kimbria.  Tal'Kimbria sounds like my mother!'

3) The finer things.  She likes nice clothes and wine and looking nice, etc.  (except while 'working')

Rainbow Road

Bedtime for Mummy

Choke Maw Tower

Finding the Master

Pre Point of the Dagger

Ride the Slice

Riding the Slice - Getting to Norlyn

The Slice