Afon-dre-adin - Miracle Oasis

Miracle Oasis of Afon-dre-adin

A desert oasis with a building tucked under a huge tapestry of waving ribbons.   The building is a white marble, painted with shooting stars and comets.  There are corner spinnerets that have heavy iron rings and an apparatus to slowing turn the furry tapestry overhead. On each ribbon is a wish for health, children, good fortune, bacon, good harvest, good travel, str, money, love, long life, wishes for the dead;  and the myriad of things that people wish for.   The ribbons dance in the sunlight and elements as the leading edge of the tapestry advances them forward.  By the time they reach the far side, they are faded, torn and their wish is spun into the universe.

There are lady clerics who tend the wishes.  In many cases, special wish ribbons 'tie' their mouth shut.  In some cases, it might be hands or feet - depending on the wish.  These wishes are often made by royalty and the rich.

During the daylight, a series of blankets and carts are attended by merchants selling food, water and the ribbons that the wishes are made onto.  The ribbons are often color coded by these merchants - so you might see the weight of the world woven in color against the blue sky.

Recently, the shooting star that was the center of the temple has hatched into a human faced dragon like person.