Dyce - the Oracle City

Home of the Onalaskas Oracle and the Sphinx Host 

In the Blessed Kingdom of Kandern  (East of Chataura, tucked at the edge of Greater Lacewood Forest)

It is filled with fortune-telling shops and Inns to cater to the pilgrims who come to ask a question.

It is not the main/royal city of the kingdom, but is home to the Oracle.  There is a bit of craziness that prevails here - religious fervor, and the King does not choose to be amid it.  However, it is an important part of their kingdom - so it is just that Prince Rytril (He's the second son, and while an important part of the royal family - he is a villian) lives and looks after things here.  The city is hard to get to - 

Unusual Place         shark tanks (blood prophecies)

Gas bath house - part of cleansing for seeing oracle

torture chamber w/ viewing - part of shedding the brutality

alchemical surgical suite - for special needs

Park of Sight - a place for budding profits to live (or be eaten by the sphinxes)

Ouija board park

Tear emporium


dipping wax eader

Zoo de' fantastic - claim a Roc, minataur, cerebus, destiny's spinner (an interlligent spider that runs the place) 

customs        lick toads

Onalaskas Oracle is a lady with green hair who the natives call Onna.  She lives inside the roots of a huge elder oak tree that has gone through some tough times.  There are a number of white marble columns and structures that make the space into a garden structure.  There is a gateway - guarded by the Sphinx Host and white robed people (clerical types  Soltain, Disma).  A stream, pool and small waterfall.