Blasphemy is a cleric of Secrets.  A Keeper.  She is Gurth's personal Keeper (which means he 'confesses' to her).

She was a young cleric when something caused Gurth to have to move to a new Keeper - and rather than take someone the temple wished to assign him, He chose Blasphemy.

Her fate now linked to the mage, as he grew in power, so did she.  Currently, she is not head of her temple - but she is on the council.

Getting to the surface in Gurth's company, she encountered Master Vastar.  At one party, while he was inebriated, he decided 'she was sweet on him'.  She found no objection to having a powerful man on her arm - and the two of them started a relationship.  They both have a dedication to their crafts, and appreciate having a relationship without all the gooey emotional baggage,

Blasphemy is married to a man named Defiance.  Much in the tradition of the Black Zintriny, Defiance has his own lover.  Defiance called for a child from Blasphemy and the two of them had Grace.  While she is Grace's mother, the child spends most her time in her father's household.