Ghost is a Black Zintriny - although he is an albino, so his skin is white.

Born without the Ancestor Within, he had a demon from the Abyss placed within him - so he was part of the family yet unique.   This was done at the command of his mother Poison Ivy and was accomplished by Gurth.  This act was part of what led Gurth to be able to re-insert the Ancestor Within and maintain the family.

He grew up a Prince of the line - which is to say - not really a valued member of his family (the lineage falls through the girls).  Because of his white skin, he started early in learning how to avoid being seen.  As he grew, he got really good at the thiefly arts.  

He tends to wear colored clothing - loud and challenging.  His hair is extra extra long.  It is longer than he is tall.

He is a friend to Gurth's household - having taken care of Co and Coi while Gurth was dead.  He is a loving uncle to his: neice Ying or Yang