Croninger's Wedding

The Wedding of Croninger and Ellie


Held downtown in Callenmir in the courtyard between the Jandari Clantree and the Clanleader's Treillage.

Characters with a reason to get there - are welcome to the festivities.

The place has been made over by the Croninger clan - so it's a whirl of spring flowers and gorgeous colored plants and leaves.  Peeking out from so many places are Forget-me-nots. There are flower necklaces for anyone who wants one.

The crowd gathers before the bride and groom arrive ; mingling, talking, listening to poetry, eating.  There's a lot of talk of the Slicing and the Daggerlands.  Talk of the new town.  People are grateful to have an event to be happy for.

All of the Clanfathers and Clanmothers are there.  Denver Fireice.  Gurth and his whole family.  Keemara, Brimstone and children.  Mayhemanti, Trivanna and kids.   A compliment of elven guard - off duty.  The Zintriny dragonriders and their dragons.  Some visitors from foreign lands.  Every Croninger elf possible.  Most of Ellie's Clan; including her Clanmother and Clanelder.

As is traditional amongst the elven ceremonies - both parties walk to each other meeting together inside a gathering of friends, family and witnesses.

Before they come together, Croninger stops, looks over at his bride and takes a deep breath.  As if they have seen it all before; some of the men in his clan all suddenly yell out 'Eliie!' - they the ladies on the other side of the Bride return the call with 'Cerwin!'.  Croninger breaks out laughing hard.  The two groups surge to each other in mock passion as if they have done this before - and The Clanfather almost misses the cue.  Ellie rushes forward, meeting him more than halfway.  He catches her and whirls her above his head.

Ellie tugs at Croninger's hand and the two of them step inside the Clanleader's Treillage to exchange their promises.  They are back before the band has time to set up.

They present themselves to the Queen, and she accepts them with a hug - presenting them in turn to the assembled group.

There are clay tokens that are given out.  Ellie is a potter, and probably made them.  There is a tent where you can redeem the token for a wedding gift of simple plants, flowers or wine.  There are a couple of people at the wedding with greater tokens to give or exchange - and some people are given the animated animals or more exotic plants.

There is cake.  In the shape of a tree.  Have a leaf.

There is dancing - with music that is not from this age.  Kinda a 70 revival sorta thing - in elven terms.

The party continues for a day and more.  Croninger loves to be with people, and seems to want to  talk to everyone who has come.  The last of the party end up in the Clanleader Treillage in a comfortable heap.  Chairs moved to the edges, and comfortable pillows and futons set everywhere.  The event is finally finished when a conversation of the ladies shopping trip for lingerie is bantered about.

The couple stops at the door of the Croninger clantree.  Croninger reminds Ellie of the night she had a nightmare that he was gone again and came running to find him.  He had carried her up two flights of stairs before setting her down and 'collapsing' beside her.  She nods, and drinks down a potion of strength.  She picks him up, shushing his laughter, and heads to their rooms.