Unlit Lands

Unlit Lands

The Unlit Lands is the name given to the places under the surface landscapes. These are a loosely grouped series of connected places that have their own culture and aspects.

There are a number of races that populate the Unlit Lands – The Black Zintriny (black colored elves that have a demon intertwined in their souls), Deep Dwarves, Diggers (mole men), Yellow Orcs, Mantis Men (Ta’Chinddak), Scorpion Men, Gem People and a number of underwater races that thrive in the darkness.

Language, too, have made some adaption in the darkness. A collection of sign languages would proliferate in the darkness. Each family house has its own code set, and they would change to keep others from learning it. The dwarves have a certain amount of unwritten communication via their clothing patterns and their beard braiding. The Black Zintriny written language is brail.

There is a seasonal change in the Unlit lands. Animal migrations, vegetation and area cooling or warming holds the keys to yearly changes. There would be the slight movement of water in the caves as well.

There is rare Magic in the Darkness, some of it learned from the surface. The Black Zintirny have their Master Gurth – who learned magic by himself. His magic has a slightly different slant than the surface spells. The Masters in the dark also wear Knots, these are hung between carved skulls (Gurth's symbol).

Religion tends toward the violent and the silent. Nightmares, Secrets, War and the like.

A large undead problem always re-occurs in the spaces underground. Without the sunlight to impede them, they proliferate. Rumor has established a ghoul town.


Quick Mithril

Hurricane Wyrms

Oil Centipedes

Greater Places:

Salt Caverns

Root Forest

Ice Fissures

Fossil Pockets

Burning Pools

Sunken Ocean

Hurricane River

Brain Coral Cove

Scorpion Men









Gurth – Mage king (black)

Turbulence (white)

Nix – (gold)

Riveblade – (red)

Demise (violet)

Whirlpool (blue)