Sixth Age - Age of Players


(The Age of Players)

This is were we are now....

   Tivalera - 10th Era

   Halouakanowa - A friendly isle of primitive people

   Islands of the Lightning Sea - 

   Kinkenadon - the few that live there don't like the idea of firm history, so they have legends and stories - but refuse to date them.

   Wenlock - seems to have been discovered perhaps as early as the 3rd age, but details are sketchy.  These details are written accounts of mythic travels from Mal'Covia.

Places found without peoples:

   Bimberly - which has been visited, it has archaeological sites - but no one lives there.

   Dula Nova


   Scoti Moria


   60-90 - ?

There should be a cool place where there is written history, but no physical sites evident