Fourth Age


Historians put the Fourth age's start when the Great Library was lost, there was a great war, and Sangkelvolm mythic  disappeared.  There are steps that started here that then lead to the Great Demon Flood - which many other people's in the world take as the ends of various ages.  The demons spread across the world, not just the Eldland continent.

The Fourth Age was 12,167 years long.

(3728) Flood of Demons. They called these days the Ebon Days, and there was so much destruction that heros were hard to find. Within these days

The demons were driven back some 1,276 years later in the Break Demon War.

The age continued some time in strife and distrust. Races numbers grew - but the distrust and secular beliefs split the world with the War of Wars

   Tivalera - 6th Era, 7th Era, 8th Era

The 7th Era was started at the Demon Flood

   Xinji - the Emperor finally unites and holds the land - which is why they revere him.  Bai Ze Warlords, Lotus Empire, Jade Dynasty, Pheonix Years, Song Dynasty, Time of horns and antlers, Red Fish Dynasty, Compass Warlords

The Jade Dynasty started at the Demon Flood.  Jade was said to be the best weapon against the demons.

   Malcovia & Alderly have joint recorded history - Fire Age, Blood Age, Stone Age, 

The Blood Age - obviously corresponded to the Demon Flood


   United Isle - left Island discovered by air from Tivalera.  Age of Legends

   Tri - Uplift 2 & 3