Third Age - Age of Knowledge


The Age of Knowledge

The Third Age was 14,694 years long.

An age of light and renaissance was begun.  Ideas came together, advances in farming made life easier.

   The Great City of Rebtide in the Kingdom of Kediath was established by King Arelakon.  While the King was not too smart, he knew that having smart people around him could only improve his kingdom.  He opened universities, invited scribes and men of knowledge and gave them great houses.  People of invention or creative curiosity came together to share ideas - wizards, alchemists, wise sages of different backgrounds.  A great Library was established.    4,830

10,452     Alchemist Academy founded.

The age ended in the War of Swords - as the great city of Redtide (some 10 thousand years old) was sacked, and according to legend the island of Sangkelvolm was lost.  Many of the learned people of the times were put to the sword - and the world was plunged into a Dark Age

   Tivalera - 3rd Era - in which the angles are locked up, 4th Era, 5th Era

   Jira began recording history.  Jira was settled by people who came up from Farallon, through Malcovia and Alderly and finally settling here.  There was probably magic involved, and sailing close to the landmass.  Interestingly, there is a longer written history here than on Malcovia and Alderly where they must have come through.

   Tri begins the uplift

   Malcovia & Alderly have joint recorded history - Found and settled by people from Farallon early in the age, but there recorded history wasn't until later.  Ice Age, Water Age

   Farallon - the pink flower plauge which destroys them all!

   United Isle - right Island discovered by Alderly found late in the age.  These details are recored in books from Alderly.

   Wenlock - seems to have been discovered perhaps as early as the 3rd age, but details are sketchy.  These details are written accounts of mythic travels from Mal'Covia.