Islands of the Lightning Sea

Islands of the Lightning Sea

Seventeen islands that vary in content and climate. Some are homes for birds, sea turtles, seals and other marine animals wanting beaches.

The thing joining these island together is that they are situated on the Lightning Sea. The water of the area can discharge a series of lightning bolts which bounces through the water, and sometimes arching off the water’s surface.

There is a lovely deepwater coral reef system throughout the area. It is tended by the people living here, and they feed flocks of fish and other sea creatures here. The coral is a blue-green in color and comes in fans or branches. The smaller fish here are bright, while the larger ones tend toward an even grey.

The Lightning Sea is home to a race of eel-like merfolk. They have a number of towns, and one big city. The people are ruled by a religious based government, so crime is also seen as a sin. They are dedicated to the Water Goddess. These people speak their own language, which also includes a lot of gestures of hand and body.

Little magics are available to these people. Some are magical and some clerical in nature, but they make no distinction. Most magics they have deal with light, temperature, and gathering. Big magic usually garners reaction and notice. Teaching Mages in the Lightning Sea wear a Master's Knot held on a necklace with stylized lightning bolts.


Elements – Water being most prevalent.

Lightning Energy – a female goddess with elements of Fate.


The Leviathan

Greater Places:

Deepwater Coral Gardens

Starlight cave

Rose Reef



Ceolacanth Mer (Black)

Blue Whale (Blue)