Second Age


Being very long ago, there are only a few elves who remember it.

Mostly, everyone was trying to find their way in life.

The second Age was 5,821 years.

   There was a Dryad War, the aspect of some of the trees disliked the 'abuse' of the trees and lashed out at the elves.  Land spirits fought against the famers. The Lacewood Dryads were found.  The Second Lacewood on Tivalera sprouts.  Croninger (the founding clanfather) drives back the Lacewood Drayds.  He was captured for a short time, and it is believed he was held on Tivalera (before anyone knew it was there).  He escaped, returned in time for the showdown and was killed in the final battle.

   Tivalera - 1st Era starts when ocean closed, New Lacewood sprouts.  2nd Era

   Farallon - developed a pretty nice civilization.  They lived along the waterways and streams.

   Xinji had a total breakdown of it's established civilization, and had a total re-start from scratch

   Tri was discovered, and was a place where animals were installed - perhaps as a motion toward populating - but as the Ocean was cut off - nothing came of it.